Front Page

Toronto Public Library is a very small ( serving approx. 300 patrons) but extremely active Library in Southeast Kansas.

Because of COVID-19, our children’s program on Wednesday evenings has been suspended.    We are looking forward to bringing the program back, as well as having new programs for youth and adults.  We encourage you to follow us on Facebook for updates and special events.

Thanks to many,many wonderful patrons and our Board, our Library collection is awesome.  Our DVD collection of 1000 titles is very popular.

Everyone is Welcomed to our Library with a Hello and a Smile.   Visitors feeling comfortable is our goal.  Come in with your computer, use one of ours or just come to browse or visit.

Since there is not a grocery store in town we sell chips, cookies, candy bars and sodas.  Profits from these help keep our Library healthy and help finance the material and programs for our kids.